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  • Safety Tips

  • According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, there are more than 451,000 residential fires every year. Over one-third of them--that's more than 150,000 fires--result from electrical system problems. The United States Fire Administration (USFA) says home electrical problems cause over 400 deaths, and $610 million in property losses in a typical year.

  • Some fire facts:

    •  Electrical fires are commonly caused by faulty and old wiring. In urban areas, faulty wiring accounts for 33% of residential electrical fires.
    • Misusing extension cords--such as running the cords under rugs or through traffic areas--overloading circuits, and poor maintenance are other common causes of electrical fires.'Home electrical wiring problems cause twice as many fires as faulty electrical appliances.
    • Most electrical fires start in the bedroom!
    • December is the worst month for home electrical fires.
  • So, what can you do to keep your family safe?

    • Got an older home? Hire a licensed and competent electrician to update the wiring in your house.
    • Don't misuse extension cords--never run the cords under rugs or where they can be stepped on, crushed, or pulled.
    • Don't overload outlets. If you don't have sufficient outlets where you need them, hire an electrician to add more. circuits, and poor maintenance are other common causes of electrical fires.
    • Have your home's wiring checked out to make sure you're not overloading circuits.
    • Unplug electric appliances, such as toasters, coffee makers, and so forth when you're not using them.
    • Take care with holiday decorations to avoid causing dangerous situations like overloaded circuits.