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  • Lightning Strikes

  • Are You Prepared If Lightning Strikes?

    • New York State ranks 5th in the nation for ligtening deaths and injury.
    • Lightening can spread out 60 feet after striking the earth.

    breakerth.jpgOur homes are filled wit sensitive electronics. These devices are easily damaged by common power surges, also called transients, spikes or voltage near your home to create a high-energy electrical surge that can enter your house equipment and almost all other modern electrical products.

    Homeowners often underestimate, or ignore, their investment in electrical ad electronic equipment... an investment which could be wiped out by an unchecked voltage surge.

    The cost of rplacing electronic equipment in an average home is $8000.00. Add a few extra items and the cost can rise dramatically - up to $20000.00 for sophisticated entertainment systems and home offices.

    Unlimited Electric can help minimize the damages of a lighting strike to your home. Call us or click here.